Bienvenue aux archives du défunt, un site québecois qui fut pendant près de 5 ans dédié aux critiques de films culte, d'exploitation et de genre.  Lewis et Johnny furent heureux de vous divertir et vous informer durant ce qui fut une belle époque mais le temps est venu pour nous de passer à autre chose... Un merci tout particulier aux collaborateurs du site et à tout ceux qui nous ont écrit au cours des années.

Comme on dit les paroles s'envolent mais les écrits restent, alors nous laissons donc ici une copie intégrale du site comme il était avant sa fermeture... Bonne lecture, et... Adios!



# G R
1990: Bronx Warriors La Gang des BMX Rabid
2019: After the Fall of New York Gappa the Triphibian Monsters Race With The Devil
28 Days Later A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Rats - Night of Terror
28 Weeks Later Ginger Snaps Back : The Beginning The Rebel Rousers
9 Deaths of the Ninja Ghost in The Shell Red Dawn
  Ghost Rider Red Nights of the Gestapo
A Ghost Town Repo Man
The Acid Eaters Ghosts of Mars Requiem pour un Beau Sans-Coeur
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Godmonster of Indian Flats Rest Stop
Akira Godzilla 1998 Return of the Living Dead
Alice in Acidland Godzilla 2000 Return of the Living Dead II
Alien Autopsy Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla Return of the Living Dead III
Alien vs Predator Godzilla's Revenge Return of the Living Dead IV
An American Haunting Godzilla Tokyo SOS Return of the Living Dead V
American Movie Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla Return of the Street Fighter
The Amityville Horror Godzilla vs Megaguirus Return to the 36th Chamber
Angel Unchained Grand Duel Revenge of the Ninja
Angels, Hard as They Come   Ride Hard, Ride Wild
Angels' Wild Women H Right at Your Door
Anita Swedish Nymphet Halloween Riki-Oh - The Story of Ricky
The Architecture of Doom Halloween II Road Games
Army of the Dead Halloween III - Season of the Witch Road House
The Arrival Halloween 4 - Return of Michael Myers Road Movie
Assault on Precinct 13 [remake] Halloween 5 - Revenge of Michael Myers Rolling Thunder
The Assassination of Jesse James... Halloween 6 - Curse of Michael Myers Roswell
The Astro Zombies Halloween [2007] Run, Angel, Run
The Atomic Cafe Hammer Runaway
Atomic War Bride The Hard Ride
Atomik Circus Hardware [M.A.R.K. 13] S
Attack of the Giant Leeches Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Haute Tension Salem's Lot
  The Hellcats Salo ou Les 120 Journées de Sodome
B Hell comes to Frogtown Le Sang des Bêtes
Back Woods Hell of the Living Dead Santa Sangre
Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek 2 Hell Up In Harlem Santo... contra El Doctor Frankenstein
Barbed Wire Dolls Hell's Angels '69 Santo contra La Hija de Frankestein
Battle Royale Hell's Angels on Wheels Santo contra Los Jinetes Del Terror
The Beast of Yucca Flats Hell's Belles Santo en El Tesoro de Dracula
The Beastmaster Hell's Bloody Devils Santo en La Frontera del Terror
Before the Fall Hero Santo VS La Invasion de Los Marcianos
Beginning of the End High Ballin' Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot
Being Ron Jeremy High Plains Drifter Satanis: The Devil's Mass
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls The Hills Have Eyes Satan's Cheerleaders
The Big Bird Cage The Hills Have Eyes [remake] Satan's Children
The Big Doll House The Hills Have Eyes II [1985] Satan's Sadists
Bigfoot The Hills Have Eyes II [2007] Savages from Hell
Bikini Bandits A History of Violence Saw
Black Christmas The Hitcher Scanners
Black Christmas [remake] Horror of the Blood Monsters Search for the Beast

The Black Gestapo

Horror Rises from the Tomb Seduction of Inga
The Black Six Hostel Severance
Blade 2 Hostel: Part II Shanty Tramp
Blade: Trinity Hot Rod Girl Shaun of the Dead
Blade Runner Hot Summer in Barefoot County She-Devils on Wheels
Blood Feast House of 1000 Corpses She-Wolves of the Wasteland
The Blood of Heroes Shivers
Bloody Mama I Shock Waves
Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw I Am Legend Shriek of the Mutilated
Bone Dry I Drink Your Blood The Shunned
Booby Trap I Spit on your Grave Silent Hill
Boot Hill Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS Silent Night, Deadly Night
Borderline Cult Ilsa, Harem Keeper of Oil Sheiks Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
The Born Losers Ilsa, The Wicked Warden The Simpsons Movie
Boss Nigger Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia Sinners Blood
A Boy and His Dog In the Grip of Evil Sinthia - The Devil's Doll
Breaker! Breaker! The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant Sister Street Fighter
The Brotherhood of Death Inga Slave Girls of the SS
The Brotherhood of Satan Inglorious Bastards [1978] Smokey and the Bandit
Bubba Ho-Tep Invasion of the Bee Girls Smokey and the Bandit 2
Buckstone County Prison Invasion of The Blood Farmers Smokey and the Bandit 3
Le Bunker de la Dernière Rafale Invasion USA Snakes on a Plane
The Bushwhacker Italian Stallion Soldier
    Something Weird
C J Son of Godzilla
Cabin Fever Jackson County Jail Southern Comfort
Caged Heat Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday Speed Demon
Caligula Jason X Spider
Cannibal Apocalypse Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter Spider-Man 2
Cannibal Ferox Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Squirm
Cannibal Ferox 2 La Jetée SS Girls
Cannibal Holocaust Jungle Holocaust SS Hell Camp
Capricorn One Jungle Virgin Force Stacy
The Capture of Bigfoot Just Before Dawn Star Wars I - The Phanton Menace
The Car Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones
The Cars that Ate Paris K Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith
C.C. and Company Kansas City Bomber Star Wars IV - A New Hope
C'est Arrivé près de Chez-Vous Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 Star Wars V - Empire Strikes Back
Chain Gang Women Killer Klowns from Outer Space Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi
Chanbara Beauty Killers from Space The Stewardesses [3D]
Cheerleader Ninjas   Stiletto Dance
Un Chien Andalou L The Stink of Flesh
Children of the Corn Land of the Dead Straight Into Darkness
Le Choc des Stars The Last House on the Left The Street Fighter
Chosen Survivors The Legend of Bigfoot The Street Fighter's Last Revenge
Christmas Evil The Legend of Boggy Creek Superchick
Chrome and Hot Leather The Losers Superfly
Circle Of Iron Lost The Supernaturals
La Cité des Enfants Perdus   Super-Size Me
City of God M Surf Nazis Must Die
City of the Living Dead Mad Max Swamp Country
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Swamp Girl
Cloverfield Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome Swedish Wildcats
Color Me Blood Red Maldoror Switchblade Sisters
Constantine Man of Steel
The Crazies Mangiati Vivi! T
Creepshow Maniac The Takers
The Crow 'Manos' The Hands of Fate The Teacher
Cul-de-$ac The Manson Family Tenement: Game of Survival
Curdled Maximum Overdrive Terror of Mechagodzilla
The Cycle Savages Mean Johnny Barrows Tetsuo: The Iron Man
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster The Texas Chain Saw Massacre : Beginning
D Mexican Werewolf in Texas The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Damien : Omen 2 The Mighty Peking Man The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [remake]
Damnation Alley The Mini-Skirt Mob The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
The Damned Miracle Mile They Call Her One Eye
The Daredevil The Mist They Live
Dawn of the Dead [remake] Monster Man The Thing with Two Heads
The Day After Moonshine Mountain This is Not a Test
The Day The World Ended Motel Hell Threads
The Dead Sleep Easy Ms. 45 Thriller: A Cruel Picture
Deadly Impact Mulberry Street Thunder Road
Death Journey My Best Friend's Birthday Timerider
Death Valley : Revenge of Bloody Bill My Bloody Valentine Toolbox Murders [remake]
Debbie Does Dallas My Name is Nobody The Town that Dreaded Sundown
Delicatessen   Train Spécial pour SS
Demons N Tres Dias
Deported Women of the SS Special Section The Nail Gun Massacre Triumph of the Will
The Descent Napoleon Dynamite Trucks
Destroy All Monsters Near Dark Twelve Monkeys
Detroit 9000 Necronomicon Twilight Zone: The Movie
The Devil The New Barbarians Twentynine Palms
Devil's Angels New Gladiators Two Thousand Maniacs!
The Devil's Rejects Night of the Blood Beast  
Diamond Ninja Force Night of the Comet U
Diary of the Dead Night of the Demons The Ultimate Warrior
Disappearance Night of the Living Dead Undead
Dolls Night of the Living Dead [remake] Undead or Alive
Don't Come Knocking No Country for Old Men The Unknown World
The Downfall Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie Up!
Dr. Strangelove La Nuit des Traquées
Duel Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell V
    "V" The Complete Series
E O Vampires
The Earth Dies Screaming Oasis of the Zombies Van Helsing
Easy Rider Okefenokee Vanishing Point
El Perro The Omega Man Vigilante
Ellie The Omen Village of the Damned
Elsa Fraulein SS Once Upon a Time in China The Violent Years
El Topo One Down, Two to Go Visiting Hours
Emanuelle in America One Missed Call 2 Viva Knievel!
Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals Ozone  
Empire of the Ants   W
Ever Since the World Ended P Walking Tall
Exterminators of the Year 3000 Panic in Year Zero! Walking Tall [remake]
Paris, Texas Walking Tall 2
F Pervert! Walking Tall 3
Fahrenheit 9/11 Pick-Up The War Game
Fail-Safe [1964] Plan 9 From Outer Space The Warriors
Fail Safe [2000] Polyester Werewolves on Wheels
Fantastic Four Population / 436 Westworld
Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Preacherman Who is Bozo Texino?
Fast Company The Prowler Wicked Lake
Fatherland Psych-Out The Wild Angels
La Femme-Objet Psychomania Wild at Heart
Fight for Your Life The Psychotronic Man The Wild Rebels
Flesheater The Punisher Wild Wheels
Freddy vs Jason   Wild Zero
Friday the 13th Q Wise Blood
Friday the 13th II The Quiet Earth The Wizard of Gore
Friday the 13th III [3D]   Wolf Creek
Friday the 13th IV - The Final Chapter   Woman of Vengeance
Friday the 13th V - A New Beginning   Women in Cages
Friday the 13th VI - Jason Lives   Wrong Turn
Friday the 13th VII - The New Blood    
Friday the 13th VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan   X
From Dusk Till Dawn   X-Men
Fubar   X-Men 2: United
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Cinéma Abbatoir - Soirée Subversive   Zapruder Film [Kennedy Assassination]
Cinéma Abbatoir - Maldoror   Zombi 3
    Zombi Holocaust
    Zombie 4 : After Death
    Zombie 5 : Killing Birds
    Zombie Lake
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